Camp Info and Campground Map

Helpful information about camping here at Fox Mountain 

Children and Camping

Children and Camping

We do not want to exclude children from camping; however many activities may not be appropriate for children. Parents will be solely responsible for determining what is appropriate for their children. An evening curfew may apply. We have tried to leave the land as natural as possible. Hazards such as uneven ground, stinging insects, venomous snakes and spiders, and other wildlife are present on the property. Medical assistance is at least 20 minutes away. Basic first aid items will be available but parents must be vigilant to ensure their children’s safety. We cannot be responsible for supervising children on the land to ensure that they are not put in danger. This is the parent’s sole responsibility and liability.

Other Guidelines

Other Guidelines:

Everyone must register before or upon entering the property. Illegal activities are not permitted. Alcohol is permitted, but please act responsibly. Management will ask anyone disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of our campers to stop, or to leave. We have tried to keep the property as natural as possible, so expect to encounter nature. Bears may be seen, particularly if you take a walk in the surrounding forest. Keep your food and trash secure. Please respect the land. Do not damage trees with nails. Remove all rope used to tie tarps. Place cigarette butts in approved receptacles. Recycle and place trash in designated areas. Use the provided bathroom facilities if possible. If not, be sure to dig a hole 6” deep to bury waste, and throw away or burn toilet paper. Use common sense and be safe. If you are taking a walk in the woods, take a compass and let us know where you are going. Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not trespass on their property.

Dogs and Camping

Dogs and Camping: 

​We support responsible pet owners and love dogs of all types. Please clean up after your pet. Dogs should be under voice or leash command at all times. Off leash pets should never be out of sight of their owner and should not approach other campers or their pets without permission. Owners of unsupervised dogs, or dogs that are bothering other campers or their pets, will be asked to confine them. Sexually mature intact males, and females in heat, must be confined. Pets should not be left unsupervised, whether crated or tied, at any time. All dogs must have valid rabies vaccination and must be registered with the camp. Vaccination for distemper, leptospirosis, and parvovirus are strongly recommended, as well as heartworm preventative and flea and tick control. Please ask us about bringing pets other than dogs before you visit. One of the campground owners is a veterinarian, and would be happy to answer any questions you have about your dog’s health and well-being.